Interesting gadgets and services which you can use during events.

Michał Piórkowski CEO, Magello

During our long journey of creating IT solutions for tourism we've come across many interesting ideas which can add a twist to your events. Here are some of them:

1. AirDog

AirDog is an incredibly interesting project on Kickstarter. Long story short, Airdog is a drone that follows its owner - just like a dog :) I believe I don't have to explain the incredible effects that someone can make when recording sport activities with this great gadget. The price of and AirDog is naturally quite high but the idea of lending AirDog to your clients on sport events is an absolute blockbuster. Watch AirDog's video on Kickstarter to find out more.

2. MoveCloser - RfID i Social media

The solution offered by MoveCloser works very well on organised events. Event participants can generate content thanks to the link between their social media profiles and RFID/UHF armbands. As we know, references in social media are very important for travel companies and the biggest difficulty for participants is the lack of Internet connection. MoveCloser contains of bands and interactive totems which generate content such as images, check-ins, likes and videos when connected to the Internet. The whole interaction and time required from the user shortens to only a few seconds. This technology works similarly to the well-known PayPass payments.

3. SnowCookie

Snow Cookie is in development stage but still I've decided to tell you about it because it's a really interesting project. It's a typical wearable designed for skiers/snowboarders with an app and many sensors. These sensors need to be placed on your skiis or snowboard. SnowCookie application connects with sensors and is able to give you solid tips on how to improve our technique in order to get better and better. It certainly won't fill in for a real coach but it may be a really interesting supplementary gadget.

4. GoPro Rentals

GoPro rental is another interesting service offered by some sports travel companies. This solution is profitable but it also gives you the chance for great content that can be later used for event promotion. Think about how the contract should be constructed in order to give you the possibility of using these videos and images. For example, you can offer a discount in exchange for the rights to the material.

5. Equipment rental

I believe that equipment rental is a standard these days but I will mention it anyway. This service is interesting because your client can use the equipment before the decision of buying it. The availability of equipment rental is also a great benefit for those who learn new sports. Of course, it is highly probable that there are such rentals in your destination. However, you can offer better prices and get payments on booking stage which can be very convenient for your clients and beneficial your cash-flow.

6. Wearables rental

Wearables (e.g. FitBit) are generally great things for rental. These devices may not be subjects to daily use but they take on new meaning on sports trips. Offering them as rental could be a great supplement to every person who wants to be more aware of how they train. Additionally, you can try to use the data from devices and create infographics e.g how many calories did event participants burn? It's a way for a good marketing viral.

7. Bartender course

I've seen this addition a couple of times in a few offers and I'm definitely not surprised by this fact. Think about events which incorporate parties - such a course is just perfect for them. It doesn't have to be complicated, though. It would be enough to organise a few classes where people will learn about some basic rules of drink mixing. Such a course can almost guarantee traffic on social media and as far as I know it's one of company's goals.

8. For relaxing time - make it Yoga time.

So far I've seen yoga classes mainly on music festivals (Polish Open'er Festival). I think it is an activity which may sound interesting in your offer. Of course, remember to make a list of those who are interested in such classes or set a minimum number of participants to organise them.

9. Concerts

Last but not least, concerts. More and more companies try to organise music events (e.g. ZeroGravity, SnowShow). Some of them guarantee great parties with DJs, other make legitimate music festivals. Personally, I think that the form of performances is not as important as one would think. Inviting good musicians and organising concerts is always a great attraction, let alone the social media buzz. Additionally, each trip with music events can be advertised by a given artist to make his music and your offer more famous.

I have mentioned only a couple of elements which we have come across for the last three years. I believe in your creativity and hope that this list will be outdated soon thanks to new gadgets and ideas - I wish it to you and your clients :)