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With Magello you may organise trips, select additional options, and monitor sign-ups and payments.

Your key features

In the admin panel you may comprehensively manage the application. This is the place where you will spend most of your time, so we did our best to make an application that fits your needs. These features will give you a level of service in tourism not seen before.



Using Magello, you can easily add your trips to the system. While making them, you may set limits to the number of people, determine prices, and include details of the trips. It is also possible to add your specific terms of use and determine particular terms and conditions for the participants.


After adding an event to the system you can determine extra options with their prices and time or place limits. You can also, for example, group these options and set the order in which they appear on the screen.


You can also determine accommodation which will be available to your clients during the event. These settings can have place limits as well as a specific, changeable price.


The possibility of choosing available transport options is the third way of tailoring your events to the participants' needs. Transport options may have place limits and a price which can be added or subtracted when choosing a specific option. Thanks to this option you can easily specify means of transport available to your clients.


You have the ability to generate discount codes for percentage based discounts and cash discounts. You may also specify whether a discount applies to a specific event, whether it has limits and whether it should be substracted from the full payment or its base.


You can determine payment methods your participants may use for events. Payments may vary for different reservation stages (a deposit or full payment). There is a possibility to add PayU and PayPal payment method (it is required to have an agreement with the supplier).


You can assign participants to specific vehicles and rooms/apartments just before departure. Thanks to our intuitive interface, this process becomes very simple.


Thanks to Magello, you may reach and change every reservation with only a few clicks. You are also able to assign individual options available only to a specific reservation.


We are aware that creating agreements and other necessary documents manually is difficult. That's why, among many features, you can create document templates which will be automatically filled in with selected user data when you generate them.


We created an intuitive way to build various user lists. You can just pick some fields and a specific list of people that you would like to export.


We understand that every tour operator has its own requirements regarding user fields in reservation forms. That's why you can specifically determine which fields are required to make a reservation. Consequently, you have full control over the data handed to you by the user. We only require e-mail and password.


New season usually means new offer but when you have an interesting offer from former season you may want to post many former events again. We give you the opportunity to add former offers with their descriptions to save time before the new season.

Send bulk emails

By using this feature, you can easily manage the whole communication with your users in one place. It lets you inform potential users about all available promotions, discounts and upcoming events. Price is 0,25EUR nett per 1000 emails sent.


With this feature, you can choose a group of event participants to whom you will send bulk messages. SMS messages are very useful when an event is already in progress and you need to inform the participants about some changes or special events. SMS pricing can be downloaded here.

Features in preparation.


Check your sales data with accessible statistics. Compare data from two or more events or seasons.

Event privacy settings

If you would like to organise an event for a specific group of users and at the same time you don't plan to show this proposal in the general offer, we have a solution for you. You can restrict access to the event by password and set the availability easily. This feature gives you better control over your offer.

Event websites

Some tour operators don't have their own websites. Not every website allows the organiser to show the uniqueness of his offer. That's why among many new features we plan to implement the possibility of creating advanced websites adapted to specific offers.

Bulk bank transfers

When the events are packed with numerous participants it takes a lot of time to control payments. By using bulk transfer service, you can import bank files and automatically assign payments based on individual bank account numbers.

System development (API)

In Magello we try to respond to the needs of as many tour operators as we can. However, the individual character of each event organiser often requires an individual approach. We created a solution which lets you develop the system and adapt it to your individual needs (API).

User features

Let your users sign up for your events easily and intuitively. With Magello, the process is fully automatic. In case of PayU or PayPal integration, you will get payments and participation confirmations immediately.


Browsing your offer

After logging into the system, your potential user may i.e. easily browse your offer. We also plan to give you the possibility of creating whole websites which will present a specific offer more precisely.

Creating reservation

Naturally, the basic feature available to users is making a reservation for a specific event. The process was simplified maximally to ensure the smallest possible exit rate.

Choosing additional options

Your users can easily choose additional options, type of transport or accommodation during the reservation process. On each stage the users can see the price and what's included.

Payment control

The next important step after making a reservation is payment control. Your client is automatically informed about overdue payments and is able to settle it quickly and easily.

Group reservations

In case of group reservations it is worth to make sure that the reservation has been made properly and no one has been left out of it. By using Magello, the process of creating group reservations is very easy and trustworthy.


Our customers say that they are able to improve the quality of their services, build better relationships with participants, and significantly increase sales by enabling online booking.